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Blue Platinum Shatter by Oilwell with packaging

We stocked up on some Blue Platinum Shatter by Oilwell we obtained at our local dispensary for $22/gram.  The shatter is in a child-proof plastic pouch, wrapped in wax paper.  It is a yellow color and clear as is proper.  We first broke off an appropriate portion for the atomizer. We vaped the shatter sample in a new atomizer coil (dual) which we obtained at the dispensary for $4.  Our old single coil went out so we bought a few replacements at $4
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The shatter vapes cleanly and produces the desired high with minimal tokes.  It the flavor of it tastes like hash but I can’t describe it rightly.  It caused us to cough with the first hit.  I lost time somewhat, but the duration of the effects was about two hours.  We asked for a powerful indica shatter, and the Blue Platinum is that.  I am vaping this shatter in lieu of smoking the gorilla glue flower I purchased at the beginning of the month.  The shatter is certainly convenient when vaped in my pen battery/atomizer.

The bud-tender recommended this strain, and I’ll have to report back to him.  Does the trick for pain, anxiety, anorexia, nausea.  May put one to sleep as well.  Next time we’re trying some new strains of flower from Emerald City Wellness of Colorado Springs at the non-member pricing.

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