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Blue widow is a slight indica dominant hybrid.  We noticed the large buds in the case at Best Budz in Colorado Springs and had to try some.  We purchased 7 grams which was part of an ounce we got for $100, so the cost was $25 for a quarter.  The buds are large and slightly sticky.  We were not able to break the buds down by hand due to the stickiness and so used a Diamond Grinder to grind the weed.

My friend and I shared a bowl of this in the glass pipe.  The taste is slightly piney, and the effect is pretty quick, a cerebral high that also relaxes one.  My friend remarked that this was some good quality bud and it made him cough right off.  He is a heavy user who dabs, so I trust his opinion.  The effect lasted until bed time, about 2 hours, at which point we had a restful night’s sleep.  The buds have orange hairs and the photo does not do them justice.

I also tried the Blue Widow strain in the PAX-2 Vaporizer.  Vaping the strain gives a berry sort of taste which is pleasant.  The coughing is not as pronounced when vaping, although three or four pulls on the vaporizer does result in coughing.

I can recommend this bud for vaping or smoking.  It doesn’t really have a high thc percentage (16% high), so it’s a good cerebral high yet relaxing.  May help with pain and appetite control as well.  If you come across this strain, do try it out.

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