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Blueberry Dream Strain

Blueberry Dream strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that is 80 percent Sativa/20 percent Indica. Also known as a Blue Dream its a strong cross between the insanely common Blueberry X Haze strain. This strain is highly powerful with a relatively high THC level.

Users experience a powerful and immediate Sativa high. With a strong sense of calm and focus which collides into a full body high. Great to socialize or to relax on the sofa. Blueberry Dream strain has a euphoric but equally calming effect, with a delicious sweet taste.

The effects of Blueberry Dream strain are not overpowering and helpful for daytime use and social occasions. As it does not trigger the anxiety usually caused by hybrids with elevated sativa.

Moderate Difficulty Grow

Sativa’s genetic engineering ensures an moderate difficulty grow of Blueberry Dream strain. This plant grows splendidly and easily with adequate pruning. The heavy Indica buds require the help of a trellis in order to support the plants structure. You should expect your plant to reach flowering time in 9 to 10 weeks.

Can be cultivated indoors and outdoors with good success. Blue Dream strain is best known for its good outdoor growth, but moves into indoor settings are easy. Because of its large size you should consider topping (trimming) and training your Blueberry Dream strain. As it can quickly outgrow your indoor area.

Euphoric and Calming

This deliciously sweet taste strain is likened to euphoric yet calming emotions. For those who want a relaxed buzz, Blueberry Dream Strain is the right choice. Blueberry Dream is perfect to treat symptoms like chronic pain from illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. As well as chronic inflammation and muscle spasms.

Happy            5/5

Calm               4.8/5

Joyful             4/5

Uplifted          3.5/5

Imaginative   3/5

Medical Effects

Depression               5/5

Anxiety                       4/5

Aches & Pains          3/5

Fatigue                      2/5

Loss of Appetite       2/5

THC Content            16% to 26%

CBD Content            2% to 8%

Do you want to grow Blue Dream cannabis strain? Buying seeds is a good first step! Buy auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminized seeds high CBD or THC seeds.

Energetic and Euphoric High

Blue Dream is a very popular option for people seeking an energetic and euphoric head high. Medicinal effects include chronic pain, muscle spasms and anxiety which has been proven to help. It has a powerful blueberry effect with sweet fruity aromas, as the name indicates. The buds of the Blueberry Dream strain tastes as delicious as they look. With a spicy, tropical scent and a palatable fruity taste!

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