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Blueberry Widow Strain

The parents of Blueberry Widow strain are a cross between White Widow, and Blueberry strain. Blueberry Widow is a popular variety, providing both up-lifting and relaxing effects for users. Its flower buds are highly sweet and can also produce sour citrus or pine aromas. Blueberry Widow has been one of the most popular strains in the past several years.

With a rather modest 0.3% CBD content and respectable THC content ranging between 12% to 16%. The Blueberry Widow strain gives you a mixture of sweet, fruity berry flavors. This strain is slightly Indica-dominant at 55%.

Flavors and Aromas

Sweet fruity flavor with some earthy undertones is what best describes this strain. With an excellent taste and aroma. Blueberry Widow strain was created for its flavor and its delicious scent with delectable flavor of blueberry.

Effects and Usage

Blueberry Widow strain provides a calming, cerebral high for recreational users. The relatively low THC content offers a comfortable experience rather than a psychoactive high. Stress relieving and a cerebral high.

For anyone who wishes to have a good medical option, this strain is a great medical option. Blue widow strain leaves the muscles relaxed and at the same time provides fantastic stress relief. The strain allows medical users to reduce symptoms such as arthritic pain, loss of appetite and insomnia.

Patients will take pleasure in its mild symptom relief, while allowing users to stay alert and focused.

Its moderate CBD content can be used for many medical applications. In particular it will benefit from anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure and anti-anxiety conditions. The strain is beneficial for helping with headaches, nausea, appetite loss and mild pain relief.

Blueberry Widow Grow

Blueberry widow has a grow period of about 8 weeks. A novice grower is assured of a good outcome with Blueberry Widow.

The Blueberry Widow strain grows to a medium in height, but in the right outdoor conditions it can reach up to 3 metres. The buds are fast growing, almost doubling in size, during the last few weeks of development.

The buds grow to a vibrant purplish blue with red tints, and are covered with orange hairy trichomes. Growers should expect an indoor yield of 400 to 500 grams per square metre and 900 to 1100 grams for outdoor grows.

Your yield will depend on your experience and grow equipment as well as the quality of your seeds. Good quality soil or your hydroponics setup will increase your final yields.

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