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For the fifth time in recent years, residents at Bourne special town meeting on Nov. 6 are faced with articles that would permit the sale of recreational marijuana or maintain an existing ban.

The meeting warrant contains 15 articles, 12 of which deal with funding or other routine business.

Article 15, which would lift the ban and allow recreational marijuana sales, was submitted by citizen petition by Lori Hough and her husband, Kevin Hough of Bourne, who co-own Capeway Cannabis in Carver.

Kevin Hough called the passage of Article 15 a matter of “freedom of choice” for residents since the sale of recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts. He also said 60% of the customers at the Carver store are over 50, many of them using marijuana for pain and sleep issues.

Kevin Hough of Capeway Cannabis speaks in Carver, in a 2020 photo.

The Carver customers include a number from Bourne.

“They shouldn’t have to leave town,” Hough said.

None of the marijuana stores in surrounding towns have had any problems, he said, and he believes those opposing the shops are spreading misinformation. The petitioners are urging supporters to attend the town meeting and vote, Hough said.

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