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Bradford is getting a second cannabis retail store in the form of Star Buds.

The store will be opening in the old post office building at 22 Barrie Street in the near future, once it gets licences and the go-ahead from the provincial government.

“We’re just finishing the buildout of this store right now. We just got our furniture in,” said Chris Jones, owner of the numbered company tasked with rolling out the Star Buds brand in Ontario. 

Jones was hoping to get the licences at the end of June or beginning of July. 

“I would say planned opening is sometime in July,” he said.

Jones said what sets Star Buds apart from other cannabis retail stores is its location inside a historic building.

“Even the fixtures, the layout of the building – it’s very historic-looking, so it’s a very unique location,” he said.

Many of the people hired to work at Star Buds in Bradford have experience working in the cannabis industry.

“I would say the second big differentiator is the people we have in the store, knowing what products to order and the knowledge they have,” Jones said.

Star Buds in Bradford will offer a variety of products such as vapes, edibles, topicals, flower and pre-rolls. 

“Right now, mostly what’s selling is flower,” Jones said. “I think flower is obviously the most developed product category right now.”

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