Britain’s most senior police officer Cressida Dick admits she cannot smell cannabisPosted by On

As Britain’s most senior police officer, Cressida Dick, has always had a nose for detecting crime.

But the head of Scotland Yard has admitted her skills are lacking in one particular area – her complete inability to detect the potent smell of cannabis.

Despite starting her police career on the beat in Soho in the early 1980s, Ms Dick, said she has always struggled to identify when someone near her is smoking a joint.

Her admission, which came when she appeared on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, has been a source for much hilarity among her colleagues on the force, she said.

Speaking on the programme, Ms Dick, who took floral soap as her luxury to the desert island, said: “It is true that scent is very important to me but it is the case that my colleagues think it is hilarious that I simply cannot smell, ever, the smell of cannabis, so I am hopeless in that respect.”

Ms Dick became…

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