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Bubble Gum Strain

Bubblegum strain is said to have originated in the American Midwest state of Indiana before finding its way to the Netherlands in the early 1990’s. The strain is an Indica and Sativa hybrid, with the Indica genetics slightly to the fore. Its unique quality is its distinctive flavor, akin to pink bubblegum. In 1994, Bubblegum won second place in the overall High Times Cannabis Cup. Second place in the Hydro section and third place in the Bio section.

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Flavors & Effects

When you smoke the Bubblegum strain, you’ll notice the sweet, bubblegum flavor and aroma right away. Followed by an aftertaste that’s fruity and slightly sugary. Initially, you’ll feel a euphoric rush which soon turns to a heavy stone as the Indica influence kicks in. Medical users turn to Bubblegum because it offers relief from pain, nausea and insomnia, and helps to increase appetite.

I noticed the sweet taste of the bubblegum when smoked, but be aware, the taste is different in the vape. It did not remind me of bubblegum when I vaped it in the PAX-2 Vaporizer.  That being said, I bought this indica hybrid to help with my pain, insomnia, and poor appetite. I rate it high for these symptoms.  It also helps with creativity, having a blend of indica and sativa, but not so heavy that one is dragged down.  The THC levels are around 15-20%, so some folks will want to take this before bedtime and you’ll sleep like a baby.

My dispensary grows this strain and I have purchased it quite often.  Currently an ounce goes for $125 on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Best Budz Dispensary in Colorado Springs, CO.  Available in Colorado with a medical marijuana registry card.  I wasn’t able to find any at the local recreational shops, but I imagine it’s available in Colorado somewhere.

Don’t forget to Contact your Congressional Representative (just enter zip code to find them) and let them know you are in favor of the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol act!

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