California Governor Wants The State’s Marijuana Farmers To ‘Legally Supply The Rest Of The Nation’Posted by On

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) says he wants to see marijuana federally legalized, in part so that his state’s cannabis farmers can “legally supply the rest of the nation.”

The governor made the remarks in a video that played at the Oakland International Film Festival in September, where activists gave a sneak preview screening of a documentary on the local history of the marijuana reform movement that features Newsom.

He thanked the advocates for their leadership and for helping to reach the “important milestone” of legalizing cannabis in California in 2016, which he said still needs to be improved upon within the state to address the law’s “imperfections.” But the governor also looked forward to federal reform.

“We know, as I’ve said, the fight is not over. We have so much more work to do—not just here in the state, but also at the federal level, to move forward with decriminalization to end federal prohibition,” he said.

Newsom said that federal legalization should “also allow our farmers to legally supply the rest of the nation—that’s critical.”

Unlocking interstate marijuana commerce could prove especially lucrative for California, which has an ideal climate for outdoor cultivation that could help meet demand in other states. Newsom took an initial preparatory step in anticipation of eventual interstate commerce, signing a bill that would let him enter into agreements with other legal states.

That ability would be triggered under…

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