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BALTIMORE – More than 40,000 people cast their ballots early at polling places across Maryland Friday.

In addition to deciding on candidates in key races, there are five statewide ballot questions and several others in Baltimore City and surrounding counties.  

One measure before Maryland voters is legalizing recreational marijuana use by those 21 and older. Nineteen other states and Washington, D.C. have already done so. 

Supporters say it could pump millions of dollars into Maryland’s economy. It would also allow those previously convicted of cannabis-related crimes to have their records expunged.

“We can shift some of the resources that are spent policing cannabis to policing violent crime,” said retired NFL player Eugene Monroe, who is a supporter of legalization. 

Opponents argue legalization could lead to widespread cannabis abuse and public health issues.

“The problems that it’s going to create are going to far offset any benefits,” said Mark Marchione, who is fighting legalization.

If legalization passes, it would not take effect until July 2023, and the state would still have to set rules for taxation and…

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