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A large percentage of people reading this blog probably consume pre-packaged energy drinks. The current global market cap for the energy drink market is already at $53 billion, and that’s only expected to rise to ~ $90 billion before 2030. Brands like Red Bull and Monster have become household names, and it’s increasingly common to find these cans in stores (and streets!) throughout the nation.

Although adding CBD oil to energy drinks may seem counterintuitive, a few beverage brands are making CBD-infused products. Many customers have also begun experimenting with adding CBD to their favorite energy drinks. Does this mean CBD can enhance the effectiveness of energy-boosting beverages?

Anecdotally, the top reason people mix CBD into energy drinks is to counteract caffeine’s side effects. According to some customers, CBD’s anti-anxiety properties seem to reduce the risk of “caffeine jitters.” For people who feel extra anxious after a cup of coffee, the additional CBD may soothe adverse side effects like shivers and twitches.

While plenty of studies examine CBD’s effect on stress, it’s unknown how CBD interacts with caffeine molecules. True, many placebo-controlled trials suggest CBD helps patients with social anxiety disorder. However, it’s difficult to say how these anti-anxiety properties influence caffeine.

Even though many people report a “non-jittery boost” from a CBD-infused energy drink, there’s still a lot we don’t know about using CBD in…

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