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When it comes to relationships, the stresses of modern life, health issues, and difficulties with intimacy can make life hard. But by restoring a sense of calm to the mind and well-being to the body, cannabidiol (CBD) can help. Its effects naturally work to improve the connection between you and your loved ones. Even more than that, it can also prolong the feelings of love and bliss a happy relationship generates. Turns out that taking CBD for Valentine’s Day and beyond makes perfect sense!

Improving Openness with Loved Ones

Anxieties and stress seem to be an unavoidable part of day-to-day life, but all that inner turmoil can isolate us. A mental state of fear and nervousness serves to keep us locked up inside our own thoughts, and holding back emotionally. When it comes to relating to our loved ones, being in this headspace can make us short, snappy, and reactive. 

CBD’s ability to reduce stress and soothe feelings of anxiety can help you to achieve a more receptive and relaxed demeanour. When we are feeling calm and at ease, we can be more open and vulnerable with those around us. This sense of vulnerability makes us easier to relate to, and facilitates the building of bonds and stronger relationships with loved ones.

The analgesic effects of CBD can also facilitate better connections in relationships- both romantic and otherwise. The sensation of being in pain causes the brain to enter a sympathetic nervous state- i.e., fight or flight. While in this mode,…

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