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It is true that CBD can be beneficial for the human body in many ways, but CBD also comes with some side effects. CBD is known to act on the ECS receptors to provide various health benefits. The ECS is also responsible for managing the reproductive system and different hormones, including estrogen. So, in this article, we are discussing whether CBD can interact with birth control pills.

As you may know, liver enzymes are crucial in metabolizing most of the drugs we consume. CYP450 is a liver enzyme that plays an important role in metabolizing more than 60% of the drugs we ingest. CBD interacts with CYP450 enzymes and so there will not be sufficient CYP450 enzyme molecules to act on the consumed drug. The CYP450 is required for metabolizing birth control pills, so the above-mentioned problem applies to these drugs too. This action of CBD can cause the drug to be retained in the body system without getting metabolized and may lead to complications. This is why it is important to consult a doctor before you start using CBD supplements.

We have clearly explained how CBD interacts with CYP450 enzymes. The CYP450 enzymes are also responsible for metabolizing estrogen-based birth control pills. The above-mentioned interaction of CBD makes these birth control pills ineffective. In addition to oral pills, CBD makes estrogen-based patches and rings ineffective.

However, CBD is…

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