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The first thing you should understand before reading this article is that CBD oil is not some magic medicine that can cure skin cancer. But, using CBD oil together with other skin cancer treatments can provide numerous benefits. CBD products can also help you deal with the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy.

CBD can provide you with therapeutic benefits and studies are progressing to find out whether CBD could help with skin cancer. Before discussing the potential of CBD for skin cancer treatment, let us look at what skin cancer is.

You may know that the cells in the human body are constantly dividing for new cell formation. The new cells replace the old and dead cells and most importantly, there is a balance for new cell creation. The balance between the formation of new cells and the destruction of old cells is altered by cancer. Malicious, old, or damaged cells that were supposed to die do survive, and excess new cells are produced in a cancer-affected human body. The cell division occurs rapidly and forms a tumor. The major types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, Merkel cell cancer, and melanoma. The most common type among these four is basal cell carcinoma.

The important point to note is that all cannabis types cannot be considered for cancer treatment. Medical marijuana or medical cannabis is mainly used for this purpose. Hemp-derived products have…

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