Can Legislature agree on changes to Ohio marijuana law?Posted by On

Changes to Ohio's new recreational marijuana law are up in the air.

Some Ohio officials were determined to change the state’s recreational marijuana law before it took effect last week.

Then they didn’t. Now, everything is pretty much up in the air.

Reminder: The Senate passed legislation last week, with Gov. Mike DeWine’s support, that would increase the tax rate, prevent smoking in public, decrease the number of plants Ohioans could grow, allow medical dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana and change the rules around THC limits. The House said, “No thanks” and came up with a proposal that more closely aligns with Issue 2.

Speaker Jason Stephens, R-Kitts Hill, said yesterday that the House won’t concur on the Senate plan. And they aren’t expected to take up marijuana legislation during today’s session. That means this debate is going to continue into 2024. The law currently stands as voted in by the public on Nov. 7.

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