Can Marijuana Lead To Stronger, More Orgasms During Sex? Here’s What This Study ShowedPosted by On

Talk about getting into the weeds. A study recently published in the Journal of Cannabis Research came to an interesting conclusion: that cannabis could potentially be used to treat sexual dysfunctions. In the study, which was an online survey of 811 people, over 70% of respondents reported increased sexual desire and orgasm intensity with marijuana use. And over 40% of the women surveyed indicated “increased ability to have more than one orgasm per sexual encounter.” Now, these results may sound dope. But before you ditch the haircut, the candles, the steady paycheck, or anything else that may enhance sexual arousal in favor of the ganja, consider the limitations of this study.

This study entailed administering an online survey to a convenience sample of adults ages 18 years older who had indicated histories of cannabis use. In fact, 62.6% of the respondents reported using cannabis on a daily basis with 59.8% intentionally using cannabis before engaging in sex. Now, this probably wasn’t a typical sample of people. A convenience sample doesn’t mean that these were folks found outside a convenience store. It meant that the research team from East Carolina University (Amanda Moser, MS, Sharon M. Ballard, PhD, and Jake Jensen, PhD) and North Carolina…

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