Can medical marijuana get me in trouble at my job? Elaine Varelas advisesPosted by On

Q: My doctor suggested I try medical marijuana at an extremely low dose and for a legitimate reason. Do you have any thoughts on this in terms of a possible drug test some weeks or months down the line? Have your clients run into this before?

A: Following your doctor’s orders for health reasons is going to be important, and you want to ensure that anything you do for medical purposes will not have any negative consequences for you on the job. If you’re in one of the states where the use of marijuana has been legalized, then you’re in luck: Many organizations have stopped drug testing for marijuana, both because it’s legal and because many people are using some kind of medicinal marijuana based on doctor’s orders.

The most important piece of knowledge that anyone has to have about using any legal or illegal substance is that you cannot work impaired. Whether it’s one glass of wine, one gummy, one non-prescription type of medication – if you are impaired, you are at…

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