Can the UK’s post-Covid economy benefit from a booming medical cannabis industry?Posted by On

As the government tries desperately to salvage a shattered economy, an unlikely but profitable lifeline presents itself: medical cannabis.

Cue tired old jokes about how the only way people have been able to cope with the disruption of the past six months is by getting stoned. Finished? Now listen — because the medicinal cannabis industry is booming, and deserves to be taken seriously.

In the last decade, the medical cannabis market has matured in North America, producing impressively high yield results for patients and economies alike. Here in the UK, the sector lies tantalisingly close to unlocking the full potential of the market. 

Just as the staggering economic damage of the pandemic is becoming all too apparent, the traditional barriers of British scepticism and the uniquely negative connotations surrounding medical cannabis are due a rethink.

In the wake of the high profile case of Billy Caldwell, an epileptic boy denied the medicine he needed due to stringent Home Office…

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