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The topical application of CBD has become extremely popular among users because of the potential of this compound to treat a wide array of skin diseases. But a lot of people are skeptical about the effects of CBD on the skin. If you are also wondering how CBD works on the skin or whether this compound will be absorbed through your skin, then read along to know more about the benefits of applying CBD topically.

To understand the absorption of CBD through the skin, you have to know more about the skin and how it absorbs elements. Your skin is made up of lipids that mainly include waxes, oils, and fats that are naturally produced by the body. Lipids are not soluble in water, but they dissolve in some other solvents like alcohol.

Because of their harmony with lipids, fatty and oily compounds will be absorbed through the skin. Even though CBD is fat-soluble, it is poorly absorbed through the skin. But it can enter the body by passing through skin pores. The CBD thus passing through the skin pores will act with the cannabinoid receptors locally found on the skin. Usually, when applied topically, no detectable amounts of CBD enter the bloodstream. Therefore, a lot of people choose this method as a safe way to derive the benefits of CBD.

However, when using CBD for skincare, be aware that it only creates…

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