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Candy Kush Strain Review

Candy Kush Strain is a hybrid, popular for its good, strong, sweet flavor. The attributes that have been created allows this strain to be cultivated both inside and outside with good results. In addition, Candy Kush has a cool, sweet taste with citrus undertones.

This strain starts with powerful effects that lift your mood almost instantly by increasing dopamine levels. A heavy, lazy high followed rapidly with feelings of euphoria. Candy Kush strain is an ideal variety for people suffering with eating disorders, pain as well as nausea. Helping stimulate appetite and usually bringing about the ‘munchies.’

Symptoms and Effects

This hybrid strain can be beneficial as either a daytime smoke or a night smoke, depending on the specific indica to sativa blend.

When the Candy Kush Strain leans towards the indica blend, there is a powerful physical feeling. The sativa component however brings a dreamy, euphoria feeling. In particular, the symptoms are euphoric and calming while at the same time boosting of one’s mood.

The effects of Candy Kush can better be attributed to higher levels of THC and CBC. Which combine to promote feelings of joy and accomplishment among depressed and PTSD patients.

This strain unique combination of uplifting and deep relaxation effects is gaining popularity among its followers and the cannabis community. For stress therapy and pain relief, Candy Kush strain will help you to relax, without the couch effect. But it is recommended that Candy Kush be enjoyed towards the end of your daily routine because of its sedative effects.

Candy Kush Aroma and Appearance

Earthy, piney, sweet, cotton candy and flowers, generally describes the aromas of Candy Kush strain. The aroma and the fragrance of the plant, brings to mind OG Kush’s legacy. Flavours are sweet and earthy with hints of pine from beginning to end.

Candy Kush flower buds display orange pistils with a light brown, green color.  It has many silver and white trichomes that cover the flowers in a rich THC blanket. Providing a high yield and a great for producing concentrates.

Medical Benefits

Considered as a dominant Indica, Cotton Candy strain has high levels of THC from 12 to 22%. The Indica compounds are evenly balanced with Sativa making it a great medical marijuana strain.

Medical marijuana patients are fond of this strain because of its ability to relieve fatigue, sleeplessness and chronic pain symptoms. It can be used for the treatment of pain without causing couch-lock or any other loss of functionality.

Candy Kush strain can be used for treating aches and spasms, ciatica, fibromyalgia, and shingles.  It’s an all-round pain reliever.  Candy Kush can also be used for anxiety and depression.

Easy Grow Strain

Super easy to grow Candy Kush grows relatively low indoors with a thick, bushy 60 cm when grown in soil. Reaching maturity within 65 days from planting. This compact and healthy plant is ideal for beginners who want to grow a balanced strain. The result is a quick yield of high-quality dense buds. The average CBD content of Candy Kush strain is low but its THC level is a remarkable 12% to 22%.

Growing wide with bushy branches this plant requires regular maintenance and grooming to keep its growth under control.

Cotton Candy is very resistant to mold and other insect attacks. With a growth time indoors from eight to nine weeks to harvest. The wide plant will yield approximately 16 ounces per square meter.

Grown outdoors with a mid October harvest it can produce an impressive 35 oz. of wonderful candied flower buds per plant.

Happy growing!!

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