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Tadgh Stopford on 13th Floor Podcast

Despite what we think about ‘medicine’ 85% of the world’s population relies on plants as medicine. “Let food be thy medicine” is a basic of medicine, and here’s the thing. 11% of the world’s basic medicines are just plant extracts. Eg. Codeine, Morphine, Quinine. The most useful, and political, of all plant medicines is Cannabis Sativa. Which isn’t dangerous enough to be a ‘medicine’. Because medicines kill. That’s why qualified doctors prescribe them.

But, according to the DEA, Cannabis is so safe that a person would need to consume 750kg in 15 minutes to die. It is impossible to die from cannabis. That’s partly why, in 1988, the DEA recommended its rescheduling. “It would be unreasonable, arbitrary, and capricious for the DEA to stand between…

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