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Cannabis Companion Plants

Having cannabis companion  has shown that a variety of different crops can be very helpful to your cannabis plant(s). Companion planting crops are very beneficial to almost all crops, including cannabis.

companion plants help protect your valuable cannabis. They are everyday varieties that are grown by amateur gardeners.

This method improves the soil, increases the ecosystem in the garden and even helps to prevent pests in the garden. This is also a healthy and environmentally friendly way to grow crops.

Will Improve Soil Conditions

Companion planting cannabis will improve soil conditions including aeration and nutritional promotion. Some plant will also help the structural support of the soil and reduce the need for added space. Although cannabis is mainly grown in a monoculture environment, many cannabis growers are gradually focusing on a different method – permaculture.

Permaculture is based on the principle of imitating the natural ecosystems to keep plants as stable and robust as possible. Without any consideration for the need to use harmful chemicals. In order for companion planting cannabis to be effective. The companion plants need to be planted close together. In order to support one another without having to compete for root position and other resources.

Benefits of Companion Plants

Pest Control

Many herb plants like basil, mint and rosemary can help avoid pests that suck the nutrients out of your garden soil.

Soil Enhancer

Many cannabis companion plants provide extra nutrition for marijuana development. They act as a soil enhancer and fertilizer and are a safer organic alternative to products containing harmful additives.

Cover Your Plants

The biggest challenge to cultivating your own marijuana in the city and sometimes suburbs.  Is from prying eyes, visitors and noisy neighbors. You can cover your cannabis plants and nourish them at the same time by growing large, leafy plants. Masking the smell of your cannabis plant can also be achieved. By the planting of flowers and herbs such as mint, basil, jasmine or lavender.

Which are the best Companion Plants?


With its strong and pleasant odor, mint is less appealing to pests than humans. But it is also a good cannabis companion plant. Mint will act as a 2-way deterrent, first masking the smell of your cannabis. Secondly it also keeps away pests such as roaches, ants, deer flies and stinging insects. Mint can run wild and be intrusive so you have to manage it carefully.


The strong smell of basil is perfect in masking the aroma of cannabis plants. It will also repel garden pests such as beetles, flies and thrips. When cooking in the kitchen basil can be used in some of our favorite recipes.


Lavender repels most unwanted insect pests, which are particularly useful when planted around your garden as a barrier. It’s a great complement as a cannabis companion plant. Used in perfumes, shampoos and cosmetic products. It is also a bug hot-spot for beneficial weed insects.  Nevertheless, mice, fleas, ticks and moths will definitely keep away.


Sunflowers attract destructive predators away from your other plants, including aphids. Thanks to the sunflower enormous size, it acts as a stealth provider and a shade protector.


While it can be hard defending crops from pests, cannabis companion plants can help. To keep things as organic as possible by eliminating artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Many insects, rodents and animals are attracted to cannabis like us. So, it’s important to plant divergent around your plant to give it a helping hand.

Cannabis companion plants can be a blessing to any marijuana crop. We have only given you some suggestions. But you can plant a variety of herbs and flowers that will work as effective as the ones above.

Here are some more herb suggestions, rosemary, lemongrass, chamomile, peppermint, sage, tarragon, oregano.

Flowers include geraniums, roses, oriental lily, jasmine, visit your local garden center and they will be happy to give you many more suggestions. Happy growing and happy smoking……

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