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Texas Live is known for fun, food, drinks, and music. Now, they are adding something extra through the official cannabis partner whose name is on the building.

CBD Kratom has eight stores around the Dallas area. It is an independently owned cannabis company. The company has been doing a lot of advertising and promotions at Texas Live. 

For the first time, the company will only sell some CBD products at select events.

“These are a lot of the types of products that we’ll be bringing out to Texas Live,” CBD Kratom Chief Operating Officer Jason Brandl said while showing some products. “CBD caramels, taffies, gummies.”

Other products like Kratom, which is a tropical evergreen leaf from the coffee family, and other products won’t be sold on-site for now.

“We decided to try selling at these events rather than just handing out merch or free items,” Brandl said. “So, we will be selling CBD products to start. So, our CBD-infused lollipops, gummies, different things like that, caramels.”

Seeing the logos and hearing CBD and cannabis may raise the question of whether it is legal. 

The federal 2018 Farm Bill and a Texas state law passed in 2019 legalize hemp farming and the sale and possession of hemp-derived CBD oil containing less than .3% of THC, which is the compound that produces a ‘high’ in marijuana.

Brandl said their products are lab-tested to fall within legal limits. But consumers must be careful.

“Certainly, we do have some products…

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