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Cannabis dabbing is a fairly new way to consume cannabis, and it’s increasing in popularity. The dab is a hard wax like concentrate that is extracted from marijuana, using butane gas as the solvent. Cannabis dabbing is a way of consuming marijuana that contains a very high dose of THC content sometimes as high as 80%.

What is dapping?

Dabbing concentrate is produced into wax or shatter from cannabis buds. The concentrate can be as high a two to four times the amount in THC or CBD. The concentrate wax can be as high as 50-90% THC depending on the type of strain that is used. Compare that to the strongest strains of cannabis in the market that hit around 25% maximum.

Dabs are usually smoked with a vaporizer pen, or water pipe in order to get the maximum effect from the powerful THC concentrate. When using a water pipe to smoke a dab a blowtorch is used to preheat the surface, after being heated the concentrate is then dabbed onto the surface. The vapor can then be inhaled for a quick and powerful hit. Dabs come in many different forms, most common being wax, crumble, shatter, and butane hash oil.

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Benefits of dapping

Like everything in life dabbing has it’s good qualities and some bad qualities. Lets first look at the benefits of dabbing. Dabbing advocates publicize the fact that’s it’s a pure and high concentrated product.

  • Dabbing reduces the risk of lung damage as it’s a cleaner product easier for your lungs
  • Dabbing is an efficient way of delivering immediate and effective relief of chronic pain and nausea
  • The effects of dabbing are far stronger
  • Better taste
  • No marijuana odor, unlike smoking you don’t have the burned plant matter and smoke which eliminates any unwanted odors
  • The odorless results give added discretion

Risks of dabbing

Dabbing is a fairly new procedure and requires very high standards in order to be produced. Not only the safety of the producer but also for the health and safety of the user, as inferior solvents are used to produce the dab.

  • Be sure you have no allergies to butane or other toxins, that are contained in the hash oil or wax
  • Easy to overdose because if it’s high THC content
  • Can lead to tolerance and withdrawal symptoms because of it’s high content the risks are higher. Withdrawal symptoms are not pleasant and can include depression, insomnia, vivid dreams, night sweats and headaches.
  • Side effects might include loss of consciousness, tingling sensations, paranoia, hallucinations, rapid heart beat.
  • Not recommended for users that require a high CBD product, as most of the dabbing concentrates are very high in THC
  • When purchasing dab make sure you are buying from a very reputable supplier

Unless you are very knowledgeable on what you are doing we do not recommend you try to produce dabbing concentrates at home. The process of making dabs is extremely dangerous, because butane is extremely flammable and there is a risk of an explosion or starting a house fire.

There have not been enough studies that have been conducted about all the risks and or benefits of dabbing. I would recommend that if you want to try dabbing you start small and take baby steps. Be careful about how much you consume, you do not want to take too much at one time.

Dabbing can be safe as long as you know yourself and have the will-power to control your hits and don’t become dependent. First time smokers be very aware of how much you are taking. Frequent smokers the risk of developing a tolerance to it’s very powerful after-effects, are always there.


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