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Cannabis Education

There is an increased need for cannabis education and training for healthcare providers. Medical marijuana is a legal treatment option in 60% of the United States. As the medicinal attributes of cannabis gain acceptance in the medical community, physicians and all healthcare providers must obtain a better understanding of its potential to impact care.

Cannabis education is becoming a legal, reliable and potentially highly valuable form of therapy by both medical professionals and the public.

Traditional medical training usually does not include lessons in medical marijuana science. Therefore, healthcare providers must rely on continuing  medical education (CME) to fill this knowledge gap. This is the purpose of

State By State Laws For Cannabis

Since medical marijuana is not approved federally, it is up to each state to determine their own laws
governing its use. As a result, each state is different. The states that allow medical marijuana all have
unique lists of debilitating conditions approved for treatment.

For instance, while California approves of medical marijuana treatment for anorexia, New York does not. Furthermore, every state has different training, education and procedural requirements for healthcare providers interested in recommending medical marijuana. Failure to follow these regulations can create greater health and liability risks.

Need For Cannabis Healthcare Training

There is an undeniable  need for comprehensive training on evaluating patients, dosage and monitoring of patients. In order for cannabis to be an effective and safe alternative to conventional therapies. helps physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers understand their state’s requirements. Created by a team of attorneys and healthcare providers, the site tracks the approved conditions for medical marijuana treatment in each state. It also lists the training guidelines necessary to legally recommend its use. Any healthcare provider visiting the website can select their state to learn its approved conditions and requirements for medical marijuana treatment.

Currently there are a diverse number of cannabis treatments that are based primarily on THC and CBD with different cannabinoid profiles. Many health professionals are still not fully knowledgeable or experienced with the use of medical marijuana treatments.

Comprehensive Cannabis Educational Program

In addition to providing state specific guidelines, offers comprehensive educational program to meet these requirements. All courses offer AMA PRA Category I Credits™, and deliver an evidence based analysis of approved conditions, efficacy, risks and benefits. Topics include safest practices, addiction, doping, cannabidiol, THC, indicas vs. sativas, physical and cognitive safety issues, impact on mental health, risk management/mitigation, edibles and the balance between medical marijuana and opioids. identifies the requirements for recommending medical marijuana in over 30
states, and offers educational activities to meet them. Its training courses help healthcare providers
make informed treatment decisions concerning medical marijuana recommendations. This unbiased,
accredited educational resource will help protect patients and further legitimize the medical marijuana

Final Words

Cannabis is a tried and tested drug that many patients find more effective or safer than traditional modern medicine. Healthcare providers who would like to offer their patients an alternative. Realize they need to have access to factually accurate non-biased and up to date information. Cannabis education provides a better understanding, of the health facts and legal implications related to marijuana use.



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