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The perception of cannabis seems to shift from year to year, and from person to person. Decades of misinformation and thinly veiled racism have led to the demonization of a plant that emerging studies are discovering what many of our ancestors intrinsically knew – there are many benefits packed into the humble cannabis plant.

Miami-based, Jamaican, Keri-Ann Evans is an advocate for the plant and passionate participant in the cannabis industry, both within the United States and the Caribbean. She is founder of a cannabis ancillary product outfit called Kreative Kush, which supplies both small and large-scale operations with the branding and packaging to stand out in an increasingly cannabis-friendly world. “It’s important for Caribbean people to partake in the industry, and to be taken seriously on the global stage,” Evans explains.

Decriminalization & Legalization

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She says that with decriminalization of cannabis use in many territories, and outright full legalization in others, many dispensaries have opened across North America and the Caribbean. The research is not as far along as it could be; there are still decades of legal obstacles to maneuver through and much of the research was setback by the pandemic.

CBD & Cannabis

According to Evans, however, we’re still in a cannabis boom. So, it’s important to be familiar with key industry terms. CBD and cannabis, for example, are often used interchangeably, with many thinking CBD is short for…

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