Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community (CEIC) in Partnership With Excel Extended Care Organization (EECO) Establishes Groundbreaking Nevada Cannabis Community Reinvestment Fund (NCCRFund)Posted by On

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Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community (CEIC), a Nevada nonprofit organization establishes the Nevada Cannabis Community Reinvestment Fund (NCCRFund). The NCCRFund will invest directly into communities of color that have been directly affected by discriminatory cannabis policies, over policing and sentencing disparity, offer assistance to job seekers and entrepreneurs in need of technical support, regulatory compliance assistance, and reducing barriers to licensure and employment in the regulated industry.  The organization will pursue legislative reform to reduce the disparate impact on people of color of current policing and corrections policies. This effort will aid the state in its goal of diversifying Nevada’s cannabis industry, eliminating or reducing the cannabis underground market, aid in overall public education.

Donations to the NCCRFund will go towards programming, data tracking and reporting for disparity evaluations. Programs include: mental health programs, legal services for pre-legalization cannabis related charges and other community-based support services, public education, community outreach and grant distribution to support designated community organizations who focus on cannabis education and providing services related to the industry such as…

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