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Cannabis Grinder Review

Cannabis Grinder Review and Comparison to use Metal or Plastic?

Cannabis Grinders are essential in helping you be able to speed up the process of separating your dry herbs. They are also great in allowing you to store your herbs after you have them ground. Grinders are the preferred method of separating your herbs. When you use your hands pollen and plant matter will stick to your fingers loosing precious plant matter that lessens your herbs potency.

When herbs are ground up using grinders, they become more compact and can be rolled into a joint or placed in a bowl more tightly. This will cause the herbs to burn with less oxygen giving you a better airflow when inhaling. Essentially giving you better control of how fast and smooth your herbs are going to burn.

Most Popular Cannabis Grinders

The most popular type of grinder are one that have four pieces. Four-piece grinders have a bottom chamber that is separated from the other chambers by a metal mesh screen.

This metal mesh screen catches any pollen that falls off your herbs when you are grinding them. Use your grinder to store your herbs you have ground up in the separate chamber so it they can be used whenever and however you like them to be used.

When burning weed, grinding up your product allows it to be evenly smoked, in order for you to get the best performance result.

Metal Grinders

When it comes to metal cannabis grinders usually are made out of two materials – aluminum and titanium. They are durable, do a quick job and are overall very strong with great kief-catching qualities. Look for an abundant amount of teeth some experts say 50 is the ideal number. With more teeth the faster your weed will be ground.

Plastic Grinders

Plastic cannabis grinders are the cheapest and least expensive in the marketplace. They tend to break easily and some of the plastic tips of the grinding teeth eventually chip of and wind up in your herb mixture. I recommend plastic grinders be used when you are on the go, and need to grind up some herbs quickly.

Shop For 4 piece Grinders Online

4 piece metal grinder

4-Piece Grinder – Large

Size: 63mm – 2.5”

  • 4-Piece Functionality
  • Kief Screen
  • Aluminum
  • Easy Grip Design

The 63mm 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder breaks herb grinding down to a science. A large chamber holds enough dry herb for multiple bowls. The 4-piece design of the Herbivore Grinder features a pollen screen for catching kief. It’s an essential tool for ensuring efficient vaporization because it increases the surface area of your herbs and leads to better vapor production.

The 63mm Herbivore Grinder is constructed from high-grade aluminum, ideal for on-the-go wear-and-tear. The teeth are perfectly aligned for the most efficient grinding experience. The 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder comes with a scrape tool and felt pouch.

Shop For 2 piece Metal Grinders

2 piece metal grinder



Size: 48mm – 1.5”

  • High-Grade Aluminum
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy to Grip

The 48mm 2-piece Herbivore Grinder is one of the most discreet herb grinders out there. Easy to hide in your palm and carry with you, the 48mm Herbivore Grinder is ideal for grinding on-the-go. The Herbivore Grinder is a must-have vape accessory, ensuring efficient vaporization by increasing the surface area of your herbs so heat can vaporize the bowl more thoroughly.

The 48mm Herbivore 2-Piece Grinder is made from high-quality aluminum and utilizes sharp blades that are capable of grinding your herbs to the perfect consistency. Each 48mm Herbivore grinder includes a felt pouch for storage for discreet use.

Plastic Grinders

No need for us to be sending you online to buy a $5 plastic grinder, take a walk down to your local convenience store or neighborhood tobacco shop. They all carry cheap and inexpensive plastic grinders. When your stuck or on the go that’s what you will need to get the job done temporarily.

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