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Newswise — The short-term effects of vaporised cannabis do not differ between adolescents and adults, while cannabidiol (CBD) does not dampen the effects of the drug, finds a new study led by UCL and King’s College London researchers.

For the experimental study published in Addiction, the researchers measured how regular cannabis users of different ages responded to inhaling cannabis with differing levels of CBD.

The study participants included 24 adolescents (16-17 years old) and 24 adults (26-29 years old), all of whom were already regular users of cannabis (0.5 to three days per week, averaging 1.5 days of cannabis use per week).

In a clinical research facility (Invicro), the participants inhaled three types of vaporised cannabis under close medical supervision. On three separate weeks, participants were given either a placebo, or a strain of cannabis high in delta-9-tetrahydocannabinol (THC, the main psychoactive component, which typically predominates in both illegal and legal markets), or a high-CBD and high-THC version (consisting of the same level of THC, and also containing CBD)*. There were administered in doses comparable to typical recreational use.

The participants were asked to report how the drug was affecting them at regular intervals, and completed tests assessing their verbal memory and the psychotic-like effects of the drug (such as delusions, cognitive disorganisation or paranoia).

The researchers found all the expected effects of cannabis in the THC…

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