Cannabis-Infused Coca-Cola Drink In The Works? Beverage Company Strikes Down RumorsPosted by On

Coca-Cola shut down rumors claiming that it is planning to penetrate the cannabis industry anytime soon. A report indicated that the company was teaming up with a hashish manufacturer to create marijuana-infused drinks. The collaboration was said to be a move to transition their products into health-focused beverages. 

Following rumors about the company’s investment in the cannabis market, executives at Coca-Cola revealed that it does not plan on entering that industry anytime soon. In the meantime, the company has teamed up with bartenders and created four flavored mixers for premium dark spirits but these products are not marijuana-related, reported The Spirits Business.

Fox Business Network’s Liz Claman took to Twitter and announced that chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Edward Buffet and his right hand Charlie Munger suggested that if Coca-Cola invests in the…

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