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Sheri Orlowitz, founder and managing director of the Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation (CFCR), a non-profit based in Washington, DC., told Cannabis Insider’s Elliot Lane that she predicts by the end of the year, CBD will moved from its onerous Schedule I status.

And Orlowitz is speaking with some authority, as herself by the way and not for the CFRC. As it turns out, she just happened to have met with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before coming on to Tuesday’s Cannabis Insider, about which Lane was clearly delighted.

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Orlowitz reported that the FDA is very much engaged in the movement the cannabis industry is currently undergoing. “I predict that CBD will be legitimized this year,” Orlowitz said.

What does this mean? 

Orlowitz said she doesn’t see the FDA continuing the distinction between more and less than 0.3% THC, notwithstanding the agency’s various rules, regs and limits on allowable percentages.

“CBD is after all a molecule, a simple molecule and whether it is in a high THC or low THC product, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same molecule,” she said. “And what I mean by legitimizing is coming to the point of giving guidance as to how CBD can be in products as well as dose levels.”

Lane asked whether the conversation with the FDA involved discussion about rescheduling cannabis and the agency’s participation in that as well as its role in the cannabis industry going forward.

“The FDA as always been the gatekeeper. Until…

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