Cannabis is Coming to Chico, is the Community Safe?Posted by On

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The city of Chico has approved an ordinance for cannabis dispensaries with a 5-2 vote. The two dissenting votes came from Sean Morgan and Kasey Reynolds. 

Dozens of residents showed up to the Aug. 18 meeting to support and oppose dispensaries, 13 of which got the chance to speak to the council for three minutes. 

“Because where you have drugs and where you have a cash business, you have crime,” said Nichole Nava, a vocal community member against this ordinance, “and you are making it difficult for our Chico Police Department already to do their jobs.”

She further stated that Vice Mayor Brown has “worked for this harder than the drug pushers in the tenderloin of San Francisco,” commenting that Brown “spoke for a whole bunch of college students who have their brains still forming.”

She spoke with passion and anger about the harms this ordinance would cause for Chico, but I wondered if she was right. Would allowing dispensaries to open up in Chico…

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