Cannabis may harm chances of successful treatment of cancer patients – studyPosted by On

Cannabis, widely used by cancer patients to help deal with the disease symptoms and side effects of the various treatments, may impair the chances of success of immunotherapy, a new study showed.Immunotherapy, considered to be the most significant breakthrough in the field of cancer treatment in the last decade, is a method of treatment against cancer which uses the patient’s immune system to detect and attack cancer cells more effectively. The study, supported by the Israel Cancer Association (ICA), was led by Israeli researchers Dr. Idan Cohen and Prof. Gil Bar Sela from the Oncology Department at Haemek Hospital, and the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, together with Prof. Dedi Meiri from the Faculty of Biology at the Technion.”The Israel Cancer Association recognizes the importance of research in the field of cancer, and each year provides support and funding for dozens of leading studies selected by the association’s research committee,” ICA…

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