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Cannabis Moon Rocks

Cannabis Moon Rocks are a potent strain of cannabis which is dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with kief. Simply put Cannabis Moon Rocks are the strongest type of cannabis nug. Simply put, Cannabis Moon Rocks are the strongest form of cannabis nug that you will find anywhere without having to try anything else.

A number of synthetic cannabinoids-chemicals produced in laboratories are also labeled and sold as moon rocks. They are mixed with plant material and intended for smoking as legal cannabis but may be hazardous to your health.

The most popular cannabis bud used is usually the girl scout strain. Any strain of nug can be used. Which is then coated in a sticky hash oil before being covered in kief. The final product looks like a brownish-tan pebble, resembling a chocolate truffle ball.

Start with Hash Oil

Hash oil is an oleo-resin generated by the processing of cannabis or hashish, also called honey oil or cannabis oil. The cannabis is a concentrated form of its resins and terpenes–in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids.

Hash is the extracted oil of the cannabis plant also known as wax, BHO or dabs. Usually has a higher concentration of THC, the major psychoactive substance in weed. That’s why hash oil is known to be more powerful then straight out weed. Hash oil can be smoked, vaporized or used to make edible products.

Add Some Kief

Kief is a simple and naturally occurring ingredient of the marijuana plant. It originates from what is known as bud resin. Cannabinoids and terpenes are very high in the kief, capturing them is an excellent way to discover concentrates without spending a ton of cash on fancy gear or commercially prepared concentrates.

A three, or four chamber grinder is the ideal tool for sifting and collecting your THC-packed dust. If you use a smaller grinder chances are the dust will stick to the walls of the grinder and will become unusable. The kief catcher is a helpful part of any grinder style as kief is just wasted without it. If you use your fingers to crush marijuana, all the kief sticks to them and you lose the valuable kief powder.

Now Make Your Cannabis Moon Rocks

Find a solid nug: Start with the biggest nug you can find, and remove the flower stem(s). Your want your final result to be the dimensions of a quarter to half dollar. It’s important to choose the most compact nug you can get your hands on.

Roll your nug in cannabis oil: The second step is to cover you nug with cannabis oil. Using a small flat tipped artists paint brush and a tweezer to hold your nug. If you find that your oil is too hard then you will want to heat it up a little with a hair drier. Using parchment paper as a mat, gently brush your nug with the oil making sure you lightly coat it throughout.

Coat the nug with kief: With your tweezers roll your oil covered nug gently over the kief, making sure you cover the whole confection. Set your now kief covered cannabis moon rock aside on the parchment paper to dry. Suggested drying time is about 60 minutes. You can now handle your moon rock with your fingers and store in a dark and dry area.

How to Smoke Cannabis Moon Rocks

For joints: When learning how to smoke moon rocks. Rule # 1 is never use a grinder to break up your moon rock. Cut it with a small sharp knife or split the moon rock into smaller parts with your fingers. The best method is to mix a portion of your rock with your favorite marijuana strain. Just rolling only moon rocks is not advisable because they burn too unevenly and are too sticky to do so.

For Glass Bongs or Desktop Vaporizers: As above break up a piece of moon rock, with a mix of some of your favorite weed strain. This will help your moon rock to burn more evenly. Once the moon rock starts to burn, enjoy it via a long, slow and continuous pull. This process helps melt the first layer of the kief and wax. It enables you to get to the nug, which will burn in normal fashion.

Before smoking your cannabis moon rock make sure you have finished all you have to do for the day. This is definitely a night time smoke, when all your daily chores have been done. Have plenty of liquids before and on hand so that you can drink during and after your session.

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