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If Cannabis did not exist: I would have suffered strange GI symptoms far earlier in my life.

I would not have discovered what changed me from a very young cannabis hater, to a daily user, within two weeks.

I would have been addicted to potent sleeping pills when they were removed from the market, these are withdrawals that often kill the sufferer.

When I stopped using Cannabis: It was to pass work related UA testing. My first time stopping I was operated on for appendicitis, but the organ removed was healthy.

The second time I spent a month in the hospital with pancreatitis.

The last time I stopped for anyone, for any reason: My pancreas was so inflamed and cyst covered that I was tortured in the hospital for four months, as only alcoholism could cause this degree of illness. After almost dying, I went through a surgery that my odds of survival were not good.

If Cannabis did not exist: I would not have graduated high school with my class as I contracted “Mono” and was under quarantine for six weeks, three weeks before graduation. I was given pills to make me feel better, but the two ounces of Columbian was the medicine that cured me in two weeks; plenty of time to graduate with my class and shock my doctor.

I would have spent 38 years researching hallucinogens. High amounts of serotonin are the mechanism of these illegal drugs, which is the operational effect of Prozac and its many relatives. I would have become a killer, rather than a healer.

I would not have lived long enough to discover I had suffered from a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis, with its onset at 15 years old; the exact age the odors drew me to smoke cannabis at my cousin’s shared college house (non-Greek).

If cannabis did not exist I would have died at 34 years old. The age those with the type of CF I am diagnosed with commonly expire.

Those I have treated with cannabis would still suffer crippling mental illness, severe brain injuries and seizures that lasted 45 minutes to over an hour that a strain I created reduced to a 10 minute incident every three months and even longer, two Cerebral Palsy victims would still be wheelchair bound and be incapable of riding bicycles, and a close friend would have died of a massive aneurism that their best surgeons could not fully repair (he went back to work in six weeks after waking from his “terminal coma”).

Those I treated with irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease, severe ulcers, and intractable headache would still be waiting for the degree of help cannabis gave them. In my research, I have had each of my cannabis studies destroyed, unless it was published in a shortened version in “High Times” magazine. No, this is not the place for serious medical research, but it started people thinking in terms of cannabis as a very important medicine. I still have my notes and along with my more recent studies, I have enough unduplicated research to publish one per quarter year until I retire.

I cannot imagine a world without this “God-given” medicine as it has been popular since the time of Moses. When the Israelites were sent out of the camp for a skin disorder, or an STD; these folk were not sent away empty handed, they used Hashish balms and consumed the plant material, leaving them able to rejoin the camp. Many of our first 16 presidents used cannabis and our first three lauded it to their overseas friends and ambassadors. It was not until it threatened William Randolph Hurst’s acid washed wood pulp paper system and the cotton industry’s hold on the textile industry that it was removed from almost every medicine cabinet in America.

Join me in wondering what this world would be like without cannabis. Any hold onto, long disproven, propaganda should give you as many, if not more, reasons to wonder what a world without cannabis would be like. I am not willing for this medicinal and recreational movement to be taken away, as I have proven that the only people that hate cannabis are those with healthy endocannabinoid systems. So, as they make plenty of bodily cannabinoids, they are literally “High on Life” complete with an internally created form of THC and CBD. I do not want to return to prohibition, given what I have experienced and seen firsthand. Would you?



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