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Seeds VS Clones

A heated debate among many growers, cannabis seeds which is better? Which should you start with as a new grower?

There’s no right answer.

Clones are cuttings from a plant that have been stimulated to produce roots. When it has established the roots, the cutting can be developed into a fully grown up plant that is hereditarily indistinguishable to its predecessor, an exact copy. Starting with clones can cut down on start to finish time, since clones begin at a further stage of development. Using clones you will also know exactly how that plant will turn out in the end and you know your plant will be a female,  However if the mother plant had any diseases or pests those will be passed down to the clone as well.

Seeds convey hereditary data based on multiple plants that can be communicated in various distinctive blends resembling either the male or the female counterpart and or exhibiting different characteristics from both.Crop King Marijuana Seeds

For the most part, growers of cannabis will cultivate numerous seeds and pick the most suitable plant. Plants started from seed usually tends to produce more end product than clones. However, growing from seed also takes much longer than growing a plant from start to finish than a clone does.

Growing from seed also provides a stronger plant with stronger genetics. Once a plant has germinated it will develop a taproot which extends deep down into the ground. This root transports water together with essential nutrients into the plant so it can thrive. Clones however, will only establish roots on the sides which lack the absorbing energy of the taproot. Therefore, clones will generally be somewhat weaker than a plant started from seed.

Using quality seeds and knowing the source

A few characteristics are taken into account when deciding if cannabis seeds are high caliber or if they are garbage. As a matter of first importance, prior to harvesting they should be allowed to completely develop. After that, they should be properly put away to avoid fungi or bacteria. Seeds ought to be put away in a dim, cool place and utilized within 1 and a half years, or solidified for some time later.

The quality of a seed is determined via hereditary genetics. Great hereditary qualities are necessary to develop genuine high quality cannabis. Careless reproducers will essentially cross a decent female with an arbitrary male and offer the subsequent seeds. Careful reproducers will take as much time as necessary to cross the male and female to balance out the most attractive attributes, the majority of the seeds available today are produced from this process.

When using seeds, it’s important to know where that seed came from. Make sure you acquire seeds from a trusted source such as a reputable seed bank, dispensary or fellow grower.


What are feminized seeds?

Crop King Marijuana Seeds

 Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that only produce female marijuana plants. This is accomplished via the following techniques such as using colloidal silver solution as a spray or utilizing gibberellic acid as a solution. Before feminized cannabis seeds were first produced, the only option for home growers was to use regular cannabis seeds which produce male and female plants. Male plants can cause problems in your garden if they are allowed to pollinate your females. Once a female has been pollinated by a male the resulting buds will contain seeds. Male plants when discovered should be immediately removed from your growing area. Doing this will help ensure you grow high quality seedless product. A lot of growers decide to utilize feminized seeds for this very reason.


 What are Auto-flower seeds?

 Most cannabis plants flowering cycle is based on its light cycle. When introduced to longer periods of night/darkness and shorter periods of day/light those plants begin their flowering phase. Because of this a grower can control when their plants will switch from vegetative growth to flowering by controlling how many hours the lights are off.  But categories of cannabis plants such as auto flowers, will start blooming once the plant achieves a particular age and does not rely upon a change in the lighting cycle. Once you have planted an auto flower seed all you need to do is water your plant and wait for it to fully mature.



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