Cannanaskis hopes to blaze a new trail with cannabis tourism through Kananaskis CountryPosted by On

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“I’ve got a secret smoking spot . . . I’ve never seen anyone else there when I’ve visited,” he said.

“I’ve got a bong people can use and I can teach people how to roll (joints) . . . people can sit and consume in a really cool natural environment while I do the driving.”

The tour then buzzes along Highway 40, with an optional quick hike at Barrier Lake, and stops farther down a valley hemmed by sawtoothed peaks Dormer says make the perfect backdrop for the THC-touched.

To ward off the munchies, there’s catered charcuterie for guests, who will be masked and limited in number for pandemic safety.

But unlike some cannabis tours in the U.S., guests can’t legally smoke pot in Dormer’s van, an activity legally pursued in the fresh mountain air.

In fact, says Dormer, Calgary’s ban on public cannabis consumption or the use of any cannabis by businesses or services could drive people to tours like his.

That’s due to a stigma born of nearly a…

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