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For decades, talking about marijuana has been taboo across the United States. And don’t even think about smoking or growing it. In the past few years, though, many states have made it legal to grow, buy and use cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. This is not only impacting the medical industry but also changing communities. It has opened the eyes of some staunchest, set-in-their-ways locals, who are starting to embrace this new aspect of culture.

Slim, founder of Carter Creek Cannabis and resident of Broken Bow in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, knows this all too well.

Carter Creek
Carter Creek
Carter Creek

Slim had a bumpy start in the industry. In his teens, he became part of the local marijuana growing community, growing illegal crops for his friend’s father, who Slim describes as “the biggest outlaw in the world,” to sell. By 16, he was also a meth addict and had his meth lab, growing weed on the side. He was always getting in trouble with the law, and he’s been to jail several times.

After taking one hit in his late teens, the judge gave him the chance to turn his life around – and for the first time, he listened, vowing not to cultivate pot or breach any Oklahoma laws. He got clean, out of the industry, and got his life back on track in his little local community, running several trades-based…

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