CBD for Acne

CBD for Acne

CBD for Acne is an encouraging treatment not only for acne but for other skin conditions as well.  Acne is one of a range of skin problems that can cause significant discomfort and distress. Many people associate acne as an ailment that affects teenagers, usually on their face. However, it ... Read More
Flower Rosin

How To Make Flower Rosin

With flower rosin having so much hype being the highly sought for concentrate in the cannabis community. Many consumers are now looking to make flower rosin themselves.  It is very easy and pretty affordable to make it yourself as well. Which is a big factor in why many people want ... Read More
Cannabis Trichomes

Cannabis Trichomes Guide Review

Cannabis trichomes are the small crystals, which cover the leaves and flowers of all marijuana strains. They are light, sticky and carry all the incredible flavors of each strain. Cannabis trichomes contain THC and CBD cannabinoids that help many people who use medical marijuana. Producing the flavors, terpenes these cannabinoids ... Read More
Cannabis Strains For Flu

Cannabis Strains that Helps Flu Symptoms

Is there a cannabis strains that helps flu symptoms? Whether it’s the flu season or not, we must always be prepared for it. Flu can make you homesick, miserable and confined to the couch. But, can cannabis help you get over the flu? You must have heard about the benefits ... Read More