Canadian Cannabis Politics 3: The People Vs the Federal Conservatives (New Documentary)

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Medical marijuana – Addyson’s story

For weeks, the face of Issue 3 has been a young girl and her family, who moved from Ohio to Colorado to legally get medical marijuana. NBC4’s Duane Pohlman traveled to Colorado to find the facts behind “Addyson’s Story.” ... Read More
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Joe Rogan On Marijuana & Politics

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Colombia Gold: Cannabis Politics | Part 1 | Cannabis News Network

Cannabis News Network traveled down to Colombia for an exclusive 3 part report on the state of medical cannabis in Colombia: Colombia Gold. This is part 1 on cannabis politics. _________________________________________________________________ Colombia is perhaps best known among most people for the failed War on Drugs, thanks to Netflix’ internationally acclaimed ‘Narcos’ which debuted in 2015.… ... Read More

CPAC Headline Politics – Cannabis Legalization in Canada

CPAC spoke to Bill Blair and Jodie Emery about Canada's upcoming legalization of cannabis. After recent testimony in the Gerard Comeau 'Beer Case,' which may open or hinder cross-provincial cannabis sales, CPAC's Headline Politics spoke to Jodie Emery and Bill Blair about Canada's upcoming legalization. Why is the existing market being shut out of legalization?… ... Read More

5 Miraculous Medical Marijuana Survival Stories

Pediatric cannabis therapy is saving lives!!! It's important to be aware of alternative treatments, since (in the US) there are only two approved treatments for cancer, radiation and chemotherapy. Medical Marijuana is saving lives, in the video above you'll see 5 amazing stories that will touch your hearts and most likely will change the way… ... Read More