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SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – A 20-year-old man was caught on a Shawnee dispensary’s surveillance camera taking off with a large jar of medical marijuana.

“It was a different day,” Jonny Goodloe said.

Manager of Roots Dispensary in Shawnee, Jonny Goodlow, tells KFOR on Thursday afternoon he spotted a man dressed in dark-colored clothing pacing outside the business’ front door.

“He was acting suspicious,” Goodloe said.

The man followed a woman inside and kept his face down while waiting in line.

Jonny and his coworker were busy helping three other customers while the young man checked out the inventory.

“He was very bold,” Goodloe said.

That’s when Jonny said the man made a split second decision to snag the jar containing $1,500 worth of weed.

“I attempted to jump across the displays, but they are expensive and they are new displays,” Goodloe said.

Five people sprinted after the suspect.

Jonny chased the suspects for about half-a-mile before Shawnee police took over. Officers were on scene within a matter of minutes.

“I needed to stop that product from entering the community,” Goodloe said.

Twenty-year-old Isaiah Hunt was caught with the jar in his hand about a mile away from the shop. Witnesses say he was running through yards in a neighborhood before he was arrested and taken to jail.

“We recovered the jar but not the product,” Goodloe said.

Roots cannot take back the product since it left the store without a legal transaction.

“That day he chose that a jar of medicine was more important than his freedom,” ​Goodloe said.

Roots has only been in business for two weeks. Their official opening is set for Aug. 10.

Hunt is still sitting in the Pottawatomie County Detention Center facing felony charges, including obstructing an officer and grand larceny.


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