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My husband suffered with the symptoms of Dementia for a couple years before passing away.  He was not aggressive… just restless and a rummager (picking things up, setting them elsewhere)..

The symptoms were:  severe restlessness (walking constantly, never being still); some resistance to aid (cutting nails, hair, etc.); unable to sleep – actually, he would get into bed and get right out again – many times in a row –  very hard to settle down..some anxiety as well..

So, I started making CANNABUTTER … (2 oz of ‘shake’ and 2 cups of butter in a crock pot for 24 hours, then strained)..

Then I made GingerSnap cookies with that butter.  Recipe called for 3/4 cup of butter… I used the cannabutter instead.   The recipe would make about 31 cookies (depending upon the size of them maybe only 26)..

Remember that EDIBLES take longer for their effectiveness to take hold.

I would give him a half cookie about 7pm and he was very ready to lay down in bed by 8:30pm and he would stay there ALL NIGHT LONG and often he’d stay there until 10am..

In the afternoon, once he has been walking for hours, I would give him another 1/2 cookie and finally, he would sit in the chair and watch some tv..and be relaxed and less anxious.

Cannabis helped his symptoms for a better quality of life.

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