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These days, it seems like everyone is talking about — and touting the benefits of — CBD for humans. But did you know that dogs may also benefit from this product?

First, though, what is cannabidiol, or CBD? CBD is a chemical compound in the cannabinoid family derived from the cannabis plant. However, unlike marijuana which contains high levels of THC (the active ingredient that delivers marijuana’s “high”), CBD contains only a miniscule amount of THC and doesn’t produce the same psychotropic effects as marijuana.

In the maelstrom of information out there about CBD, how do you know what’s fact and what’s exaggeration? As with all things dog, talk with your veterinarian first, since CBD can have interactions with prescribed medications. If you’re doing your own internet research, look for reputable sites like the AKC, PetMD, ASPCA, the National Institutes of Health or Whole Dog Journal. Avoid any website that’s actively promoting the use of CBD, selling it, or proclaiming that it’s a miracle cure for whatever ails your dog.

So, what are some facts about what CBD can do for dogs? While relatively few scientific studies have been done on the effects of CBD on dogs, those that exist suggest that CBD has major anti-inflammatory and pain-relief results. For instance, a study done by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine found that 80 percent of dogs taking CBD oil for osteoarthritis and multi-joint pain showed “significant improvement in…

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