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CBD Drug Test

Many CBD oil users frequently ask if the cannabidiol they are using can cause a positive CBD drug test. Given the potential ramifications, this is a significant question and should be answered honestly. Especially as there is a good deal of incorrect data on this subject.

CBD oil users are concerned that using the non-intoxicating marijuana derivative will lead to difficulties. With their job or being disqualified from new job opportunities, these concerns are legitimate. However, there is several reason why CBD drug tests may have such outcomes.

Using CBD Products Always Carries the Risk of a Failed CBD Drug Test

Even after extended use of CBD products, many CBD drug test screenings pass successfully. For those that are willing to use CBD oil products there is always the risk of testing positive.

Not all CBD products are produced equally. High-CBD cannabis strains are marketed in legal states with approximately 20+ percent CBD and substantial quantities of intoxicating THC – sufficient quantities to guarantee a failed drug test.

If there is enough THC (by law must be less than .03%) it’s going to appear on a drug test. This suggests that the use of CBD oil could lead to a favorable drug test in some instances. Everything focuses on the quality and composition of the CBD product. The amount of THC and the accurate labeling of the product from the manufacturer.

What do CBD Drug Tests Look for

CBD drug tests screen for THC or one of its main metabolites, THC-COOH. In order to prevent the chance that trace quantities of THC or THC-COOH might cause a positive test. Federal laboratory drug testing cut-off values were created.

Due to its non-invasive method and ease of screening, urine is the most frequently collected specimen for drug testing. Both cannabidiol and cannabinoids can be identified in urine specimens and are generally greater than in samples of blood or serum.

Cut-off levels have been created to help minimize false-positive results, particularly drug testing in the workplace. This could include passive marijuana inhalation with positive results, or ingestion of poppy seeds which could cause positive opiate results.

What to look for in order to pass a CBD Drug Test

  • It might be extremely unlikely, that exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke, you will receive a positive drug test result. There is that possibility especially if someone tends to hang out or live with a cannabis user(s). Research has shown that the potency of the cannabis strain as well as the time spend around second hand smoke depends on how much THC is absorbed by your system.
  • Some products with CBD may be safer than others. It is important to take time to evaluate the available products and the ingredients, if you are considering using CBD.
  • Find out if hemp or cannabis is the main product. It is also important to find out if the CBD is a full-spectrum, a wide-spectrum, or pure CBD isolate.
  • Look for wide-spectrum CBD which has all of the THC removed. Because of all this, CBD products of broad spectrum are less likely to contain THC than CBD products that are full spectrum. Wide-spectrum CBD is not as readily available making it hard to obtain. It is sold most frequently as an oil.
  • CBD isolate is a crystalline powder, or solid “slab” containing 99% pure CBD. Products manufactured from the Hemp plant typically are CBD isolates. Hemp-based CBD isolates shouldn’t contain THC. CBD isolate is pure CBD, it doesn’t contain additional compounds providing a completed product that is CBD and nothing more.

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