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Recent statistics from the American Kennel Club (AKC) suggest that ~ 0.75 percent of all dogs suffer from epileptic seizures. Even more troubling, about 30 percent of dogs that take anti-epilepsy medications still experience severe symptoms. Considering prescription medications carry risks of side effects, it’s no wonder many pet owners are looking for natural alternatives for managing epilepsy in dogs.

Recently, CBD has emerged as one of the top all-natural supplements for people struggling with seizures. The 2018 US Farm Bill may not have passed if scientists didn’t discover CBD’s anti-epilepsy potential. Even the FDA approved a CBD-infused drug for the treatment of childhood epilepsy.

Understandably, many dog owners have questions about whether CBD could work for their pet’s epilepsy problems. Could people use CBD products to help manage seizures? Does CBD have similarly positive results on dogs and humans?

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We should start by saying there aren’t many extensive studies examining CBD for dogs with epilepsy. However, the most recent data suggests CBD positively affects dogs struggling with this condition.

For instance, a trial out of Colorado State University found that almost 90 percent of dogs who took CBD oil significantly improved their epilepsy symptoms. Although this study was small, it was placebo-controlled.

The AKC has also expressed interest in further investigating CBD’s use for dogs with epilepsy. In fact, the AKC is now working with Colorado…

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