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CBD Guide: Simple Ways To Take CBD Every Day

One of the benefits of CBD is that users have a wide variety of options for taking it. In our CBD guide, we’ll go over the simple ways to take CBD every day that’re available to users.

Benefits of Taking CBD Every Day

Why should you consider taking CBD every day? Because it offers a wealth of benefits! CBD helps many people in different ways—from alleviating physical pain throughout the body to reducing stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

Homeostasis is the process in which our body stays chemically balanced. CBD helps our body by supporting our homeostasis. Our homeostasis affects practically everything in our body, from our physical well-being to our mood and even sleep patterns.

Ways You Can Take CBD

Since CBD is such a versatile product, it comes in many forms for people to try. There are numerous cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts that users can try, and we’ll go over some of the most common ways people take CBD and its benefits.

Topical Treatments

If you’re taking CBD to alleviate physical pain, you should consider using topical treatments such as lotions and creams. Users can apply CBD topical treatments directly to the skin where there’s pain or soreness for pain relief.

If you’ve got a sore knee or an elbow that acts up before or after exercise, consider applying CBD topicals as part of your daily routine. You can find many different CBD topicals or make your own with your preferred lotion mixed with CBD oil.

Oral Consumption

The most common way users take CBD is orally through oils, capsules, or edibles. Taking CBD orally is typically best for those dealing with mental problems and symptoms—anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, etc.

Oil & Tinctures

The most direct way to ingest CBD is through tinctures—a drop of oil underneath your tongue rich in capillaries will get it to your bloodstream faster. But there are many other alternatives, like adding it to food or drinks.

You can add CBD oil to almost any drink or food that uses oil, like salad dressing or fish. Many CBD users like to drop CBD oil in their morning coffee or tea to start the day or as part of their pre-workout smoothie to alleviate joint pain and soreness.


Another popular CBD option is edible gummies and other sweets. These are easy to take and can even taste good, but they take longer for the effects to kick in. However, edibles can last hours longer than other forms, depending on the potency, so there’s a balanced tradeoff.

Pro Tip: Smoking and vaping CBD is common, but many cartridges include thinning agents and possibly harmful carriers. The healthiest CBD options are topicals and oral solutions.

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There are many simple ways to take CBD every day, from topicals to your morning coffee. Everybody is different, though, so experiment to find the best method for you and your body.


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