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The researchers say the deviations reinforce concerns surrounding CBD products within the UK, “whereby CBD consumers may consistently fail to achieve their desired CBD dose”.

Consumer demand for CBD has grown rapidly due to the growing perception that it may help manage specific medical conditions as well as improve general health and wellbeing.

Numerous types of CBD-containing products are now available, including oil- or aqueous-based tinctures, e-liquids, drinks, edibles, and topical creams/gels.

However, previous analyses of CBD-containing products have raised concerns regarding their quality, with discrepancies between advertised and actual CBD content, and contamination with other, illicit cannabinoids (Grafinger et al. 2020; Gurley et al. 2020; Poklis et al. 2019; Liebling et al. 2020; Bonn-Miller et al. 2017; Pavlovic et al. 2018; Mazzetti et al. 2020).

USDA Certified Organic Tinctures and salves

However, there is limited information regarding the extent to which various types of CBD products deviate from their advertised CBD content, which would have important implications for informing consumer choices.

Therefore, the present study assessed CBD concentrations in a broader range of products than has previously been examined within the UK, including oil- and aqueous-based tinctures, e-liquids and drinks.

The study

A total of 53 products (13 aqueous tinctures, 29 oils, 10 e-liquids and 11 drinks) from 40 different brands were purchased online in the UK. CBD concentrations were quantified in aqueous tinctures, oils and e-liquids via…

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