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By John McDonagh, President and CEO of NextEvo Naturals

Our understanding of CBD and its potential benefits has accelerated dramatically in the past decade and will only increase further in the coming years. However, despite the popularity of CBD products, many remain confused or unsure about what it is and what it actually does.

The Internet can be a fantastic resource to learn about CBD, but there is also no shortage of misinformation in the form of articles that make dismissive claims about it, or those which are flat-out false. Some of these articles will over exaggerate its potential benefits or make outlandish claims. In some cases, authors claim CBD has no benefits at all and users will suffer from side effects.

Unfortunately, real harm can be done when misinformation permeates into those who have the power to influence people’s choices. Some clarification is needed when it comes to all of the false or misleading statements about CBD that crop up. 

This article will correct the most common myths that are in circulation and also provide the facts about CBD.

Myth: CBD Gets You High

Fact: CBD is NOT psychoactive.

When people talk about the “high” they are confusing CBD with THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol). It’s not uncommon to get CBD (cannabidiol) and THC mixed up. This mix-up happens because these chemicals come from Cannabis sativa, a plant species that includes both cannabis and hemp plants.

Cannabis sativa is a plant family and cannabis and hemp are sisters…

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