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CBD Oil for Acne Control

CBD Oil can control acne due to it’s anti-inflammatory qualities, this may help reduce inflammation caused by clogged pores.

Acne is a skin disorder that affects the skin’s oil glands when hair follicles become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. It causes spots, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts which are all types of acne. Acne affects people of all ages and nearly 90% of teenagers. This happens because of increased activity of hormones during the teenage years. It can lead to physical symptoms such a scarring if left untreated as well as low self esteem or even depression.

CBD is extracted from either marijuana or hemp plants. You cannot get high from CBD as it doe not produce any of the psychoactive effects like THC. THC gives users the feeling of being high while CBD does not do that.

CBD oil and supplements derived from industrial hemp is legal in every state. As long as the THC levels are zero or up to .03% THC. CBD oils from marijuana plants however are regulated substances and are legal only in states that allow medical marijuana with a prescription or have legalized medical use.

Can CBD Oil it treat acne

CBD hemp oil has great anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the inflammation caused by clogged hair follicles. This helps with eczema, pain and itching reduces oil and redness which is beneficial with people suffering from acne. CBD oil helps control the production of lipids. When your body lacks linoleic acid it’s more likely to produce more acne. CBD oil helps balance and suppress the growth of sebocytes that produce the sebum. CBD oil will not dehydrate your skin like many medical products do, rather CBD will re-normalize your skin’s oil production.

Another benefit of CBD rather than using prescription drugs is that it targets the problem cells only, leaving the healthy cells untouched. This causes less side effects that come with prescription medications such as dry and irritate skin.

Hemp (CBD) oil for acne is applied as a topical cream/lotion or consumed orally. If you have oily skin or clogged pores CBD may be a good choice for controlling your oil production naturally. If you are not having any results with your current medication and you are struggling with acne, CBD can be an effective and worthwhile treatment for acne to try.


CBD oil Acne ControlCBD Oil for Acne

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