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BARKING, ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, February 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — CBD oil is a huge success in the UK. The legal CBD industry is quickly approaching a 2025 projected value of £1B (https://www.openaccessgovernment.org/cbd-market-value/77851/). Back in 2019, analysts predicted that the UK CBD market would be worth around £100M (https://www.openaccessgovernment.org/cbd-market-value/77851/). It actually ended up being worth two times that ending out 2019 with a value of £300 M. The current value of the CBD industry in the UK is estimated to be around £700M (https://retailtechinnovationhub.com/home/2022/1/30/overview-of-the-cbd-oil-market-in-the-uk-going-into-2022). The CBD industry has grown at such a rapid pace and continues to grow at such a rapid pace for a reason. That reason is because people aren’t just buying CBD, they’re continuing to buy CBD because of its benefits.

They’re also telling everyone they know about their experience with CBD which drives others to want to have similar experiences. The value of the CBD industry in the UK has surpassed that of both vitamin C and vitamin C combined (https://newfrontierdata.com/cannabis-insights/value-of-uk-cbd-market-greater-than-that-of-vitamin-c-d-combined/. A consumer survey conducted in 2019 by Cowen & Co. showed that there was a wide range in diversity of people using CBD. Everyone from the age of 25 to 65 and in between was finding a use for CBD (

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